German Author Wins Will Rogers Silver Medallion

Manuela Schneider won numerous awards with her first short movie production ever. The movie/music video hybrid named Miner´s Candle is dedicated to the prospectors of the Silver Rush during Tombstone´s heydays. Numerous film festivals have rewarded the unique concept and song along with the recording of singer/songwriter Carol Markstrom in the United States as well as Europe.

Schneider won Film Maker of the Year at the Red-Carpet Awards in Holland and was now honored with the prestigious Will Rogers Silver Medallion for Western film drama in Fort Worth, Texas. She says that one of the most inspiring moments was meeting Craig Johnson, world famous Longmire author.

Manuela Schneider and Craig Johnson Manuela Schneider and Carol Markstrom

Manuela Schneider is going to film her second short movie this coming March in Arizona. The production will give a voice to an outstanding female pioneer character. Schneider is the producer/director and will introduce this new movie at the Wild Bunch Film Festival this coming Fall in Tucson, Arizona.


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