Wonderful time at Tucson Book Festival March 2022

I was invited to attend the book festival in Tucson as one of 8 authors at the booth of Amigos and Ladies of the West March 12th and 13th. It was a great honor to be able to present my books among those fine award-winning authors including the president of Western Writers of America Chris Enss and we drew quite some attention among the visitors thanks to our books and the fact that some of us were dressed up pioneer style.

Authors of Amigos and Ladies of the West - front seated Rod Timanus, Chris Enss, standing from left to right Doug Hocking, Lowell Volk, Gil Storms, Carol Markstrom, Manuela Schneider, and Melody Groves


The weather was lovely, and the numerous visitors (ca. 100´000 in 2 days) enjoyed themselves buying our books, having them signed and join us for wonderful conversations. Many were astonished that a German author would fly from across the pond to the festival, but it was heartwarming to find out how many visitors have German roots or good memories of being stationed in Germany. 

Although the journey was long Arizona is my second home after all and I was satisfied with my book sales. To meet many friends who came to see me from Arizona and even California was an extra treat. I am invited again to attend next year and with God´s help we will all see each other again in 2023 at the Tucson book festival. 


(Pictures of Amigos and Ladies of the West booth with Chris Enss, president of Western Writers of America, Doug Hocking and his wonderful wife Debbie who was our cash box master, Bill Markley, Rod Timanus + Barb Prichard, Lowell Volk, Melody Groves, my wonderful friend Carol Markstrom and Gil Storms.) Photo credit by photographer David Bertoldo.


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